30 Min Session (Maternity Only)
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1 Hr Session (Maternity or Newborn)
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Half Session Maternity + Full Session Newborn
All Edited Hi Res Images
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  • 8X10 Album - $425
  • 11X14 Album - $500



How do we schedule the Newborn session and what should we expect?

Once baby comes, you'll all be in recovery mode, so I'm happy to come to you while you're in your cozy element at home. As far as timing, I'm flexible -- I've had 3, so I know that needs vary and so do schedules. Baby is usually sleepiest in the first week of life, but that doesn't mean it's necessarily the the best time for YOU. So we'll pick a tentative date sometime surrounding your due date, but I'm more than happy to change it to best suit your needs. If you'd prefer a studio setting, we can absolutely do that! I would just add the rental fee for you guys. This should be as relaxing and low-key as we can make it, so whatever that looks like for you is great with me.

When should we schedule the maternity session?

That really is up to you! Some factors to consider -- how big would you like your bump to be? Some women opt for close to the due date, others go for 2-3 months beforehand when they have more energy and feel good in their clothes. It really just comes down to your preference and what you're hoping to have captured. Another factor is weather/seasons -- if it's winter, we can always do a studio, that rental would just be added to your total.

When will we get our full gallery?

This one really depends on wedding season for me -- typically, winter - spring, you'll get your full gallery in 2-4 weeks. If it's summer - fall, you can expect closer to 6 weeks. But if you're wanting to send out announcements or something, I'm happy to send a few previews!

How should we prepare?

Maternity Session -- what I need to know is if you have a scenery preference, season, etc. We can chat about that and I'll be scouting for some cool locations. Clothing-wise, wear what makes you feel good! You'll want to stick to colors that complement each other. Sometime, looking up color pallets can be helpful. If you're really struggling with deciding, neutrals are always a safe bet. If you'd like to chat about outfits, I'm happy to! :)

Newborn Session -- don't worry about cleaning the whole house! We're going for low-key, no stress. If there's a room in your home with good lighting/windows, that's perfect. You'll want to make sure baby is fed and full right before I arrive. That usually ensures we can optimize that time with a happy and sleepy baby. But if it doesn't work out, no worries at all! Newborn sessions are flowy and flexible. I'm just there capturing the story of your lives in this moment, so don't think perfection, just rest and snuggle and be, and we'll have a beautiful session.


Canon R5
Canon R6 (backup camera)
RF Lens 28-70 2.0

I'll also bring a light diffuser that I can bounce light off of or soften any harsh light.

Can we order prints?

Absolutely! Your gallery has a tab called Print Store with a bunch of different options, including baby announcements, wall art, and albums you can make yourself.