Listen. I'd much rather we meet over coffee & pastries. But while you're here, I'll offer my little spiel.

You matter. Your story matters. And I make it my job to help you see that. Two things have attracted me to photography and keep me in it: people & connection. It sounds simple, but that's because it is. People, with all of our fascinating personalities & stories, are meant to be documented in a beautiful & emotive way. That's my personal challenge & privilege with every single wedding or shoot I take on.

You're looking for a photographer, so I assume (& hope) you're pouring over all of your prospects' work to get a feel for what they offer. If you're not, you should. And just know. The final result. All the photos in the end... that's 20% of what makes a good photographer. The other 80% belongs to every other aspect you probably don't know about yet. Making you feel comfortable. Fixing your dress, hair, tie, fill in the blank. Interceding & advocating for you. Making you laugh. Absorbing any stress so you can just BE & feel at ease. Preparation. Direction. Experience. Creativity. Connection. To get what I get, all of the above & more are required, & that's what I bring to the table. It's important to know: I want you to find the best fit for you, even if I'm not it. This is such a personal process, and I want you to enjoy the experience the whole way through. It's honest, but we need to mesh in order for that to happen. The couples I'm looking for: people who aren't afraid to laugh at themselves. The ones who care more about their marriage than the wedding day itself. The ones with a vision for their wedding and a flexible, laid back approach to go with it. The sentimental ones. The kind ones. The fun ones. Any, or all of the above. If that's you, sign me up.

My love for this medium stems from my own people. I have this really attractive, hilarious, talented man for a husband... Ryan. He's a videographer, & a notably great one. (Ferguson Films & Cavalier Film Co.) We've got the three coolest kids I know. Our house is a messy, loving atmosphere of creative chaos. We embrace it all with a lot of caffeine & gratitude. My route to photography was a winding one, which included being a nursing assistant & rehab tech... I always knew I wanted to work with people one-on-one, exercise my creativity, & serve others in a unique, exhilarating way. It was a scenic route, but I finally landed here & it feels like home. I believe that Jesus is King, & I want to follow Him with my heart, with the hands He's given me & with all the hats I wear. In a pretty little nutshell, that's all you get for now! If it seems like we'd vibe, I'd love to hear your story & find out if I'm the best fit for you. So click that little button below.... and let's chat.


“There are not enough words in the dictionary to eloquently state how amazing Alissa is as a photographer. Yes, she takes excellent photos! But that is just one small piece of her talent. The pictures are beautifully raw and candid, as if you are not looking at a picture at all, but you are a guest at your own wedding. Alissa lets the day unfold, and captures memories as they happen. Do not let this angel of a person pass you by.”

“Alissa was hands down the best thing that happened to us while planning our wedding and the day of. She helped me set out a rough timeline in the first meeting and helped make sure we took all the shots we needed before time ran out. She made everyone feel welcome and comfortable. I can't say enough about how amazing her level of customer service is.”