Listen. I'd much rather we meet over coffee & pastries. But while you're here, I'll offer my little spiel.

You matter. Your story matters. And I make it my job to help you see that. Two things have attracted me to photography and keep me in it: people & connection. It sounds simple because it is. People, with all of our fascinating personalities & stories, are meant to be documented in a beautiful & emotive way. That's my personal challenge & privilege with every single wedding or shoot I take on.

My love for this medium stems from my own people. I have this really attractive, hilarious, talented man for a husband... Ryan. He's a videographer, & a notably great one. (Ferguson Films & Cavalier Film Co.) We've got the three coolest kids I know. Our house is a messy, loving atmosphere of creative chaos. We embrace it all with a lot of caffeine & gratitude. My route to photography was a winding one, which included being a nursing assistant & rehab tech... I always knew I wanted to work with people one-on-one, exercise my creativity, & serve others in a unique, exhilarating way. It was a scenic route, but I finally landed here & it feels like home. In a pretty little nutshell, that's all you get for now! If it seems like we'd vibe, I'd love to hear your story & find out if I'm the best fit for you. So click that little button below.... and let's chat.

from my clients


If you are looking for a photographer that you want to document your wedding day, and then the rest of your life because you just simply want to talk and share space with her as much as humanly possible, then Alissa is the one for you. Alissa's work is beautiful, intentional, authentic, and crafted with so much heart. However, Alissa's talent is beyond the photos and truly rooted in who she is as a person. Her genuine kindness and easygoing nature helped my husband and I stay present, even during the busyness of our wedding day. I am forever grateful for Alissa and would recommend her to absolutely anyone!

jordan + Nick

Our daughter and her husband had interviewed several photographers, and then chose Alissa. She was the perfect choice for this project. The wedding was at our home in the forest where our daughter grew up. Alissa captured the essence of the beauty and love that surrounds us.  Our daughter was concerned that having a photographer capture the wedding would be intrusive to the small, intimate ceremony she wanted.  But Alissa was incredible.  It was so comfortable having her in our home as we prepared for the wedding. She lovingly lingered and let us be ourselves and yet captured beautiful images that will last a lifetime. We want to thank her so much for that.

Kylie + Dustin

There are not enough words in the dictionary to eloquently state how amazing Alissa is as a photographer. Yes, she takes excellent photos! But that is just one small piece of her talent. The pictures are beautifully raw and candid, as if you are not looking at a picture at all, but you are a guest at your own wedding. Alissa lets the day unfold, and captures memories as they happen. She is in many ways, a journalist, capturing your wedding like a story book. Do not let this angel of a person pass you by.


Alissa- thank you beyond words. We can’t even express how grateful we are to have had you there on our day to capture everything and you have done it perfectly. I can’t thank you enough again- these are perfect and amazing and beautifully captured. 


Alissa was hands down the best thing that happened to us while planning our wedding and the day of. She helped me set out a rough timeline in the first meeting and helped make sure we took all the shots we needed before time ran out. She made everyone feel welcome and comfortable. I can't say enough about how amazing her level of customer service is.


Oh my goodness, thank you so much, Alissa!!! It was such an honor for us to have you with us on the big day. We are so appreciative and I'm so thrilled about how everything turned out. I've already taken a quick peek through most of them and your work is simply beautiful! What a talent you are. I can't say thank you enough for capturing these moments for us. You are a star!!!


Where to even start!! I remember searching for the PERFECT photographer to capture my day! I remember what I wanted and didn’t want, but also felt like there was so much I didn’t know. Some of my top wants were someone that was authoritative but also flexible, someone who captured us and who we are, someone with natural edits, and someone who shot quickly! I interviewed multiple photographers but just connected with Alissa and kept going back through her work and just being captivated! The way each photo was unique to that wedding and that couple, the way the couples all looked natural but flawless, I loved it- she was the one I needed to have photograph my day. Alissa showed up on time, split time between me and my gals and my husband and his guys, patient when dealing with a large family (this is where the direction was so important), and worked flawlessly with my videographer. She gave my husband and I direction (trust, we aren’t the best in front of the camera) but also listened to us when we wanted to do fun things like dance in the middle of the street! When I got my photos back I died!!!! Actually DIED! THEY ARE FLAWLESS!!! Alissa shoots so quickly that you get a ton of shots without feeling like you’ve taken 9 million pics (HUGE perk!). I cannot get enough of my photos. I will forever cherish them, they tell the story of our wedding day so perfectly. When I look at them I get all the feels back! If you’re debating who to hire (or you’ve made it this far in my review) Alissa is your gal. I promise, you will be happy you hired her!!! Alissa, thank you so so much for all of your work and talent. It’s amazing to see how much energy and pride you take in your work. You work so calmly and perfectly, you were just what I needed on our day. A key player to make our day perfect. Thank you, thank you, thank you! 


Ryan and I just wanted to thank you and your Ryan (Ferguson Films) one more time. You made us feel so special and so beautiful and calm throughout the craziest day. We feel super blessed to have had you be part of our day. I can’t imagine doing that without you and your team, truly. 


Finding Alissa to be our photographer was serendipitous and continues to be to this day! She is the sweetest and makes you feel 100% comfortable. We had our engagement photos with her which helped make the wedding day even more enjoyable already having a connection with her. The day of the wedding she was a rockstar being with us 14 hours! Thank you Alissa for everything you did for us along our wedding journey!!


ALISSA!! THESE ARE AMAZING!!! Thank you so so much. Seriously, I can't tell you enough how great it was to have you capture our day. You are the sweetest and made the whole day so much fun and so comfortable! Thanks again a thousand times!!!