After it’s all over, what are you left with?

You're looking for a photographer, so I assume (& hope) you're pouring over all of your prospects' work to get a feel for what they offer. And just know. The final result. All the photos in the end... that's 20% of what makes a good photographer. The other 80% belongs to every other aspect you probably don't know about yet. Making you laugh & feel comfortable. Fixing your dress, hair, tie, fill in the blank. Interceding & advocating for you. Absorbing any stress so you can just BE & feel at ease. Preparation. Direction. Experience. Creativity. Connection. To get what I get, all of the above & more are required, & that's what I bring to the table. It's important to know: I want you to find the best fit for you, even if I'm not it. This is such a personal process, and I want you to enjoy the experience the whole way through. As far as weddings go, these are the couples I'm looking for: people who aren't afraid to laugh at themselves. The ones who care more about their marriage than the wedding day itself. The ones with a vision for their wedding and a flexible, laid back approach to go with it. The sentimental ones. The kind ones. The fun ones. Any, or all of the above. If that's you, sign me up. 

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