30 Min Session
All Edited Hi Res Images
Custom Gallery
Rights to Print



1 Hr Session
All Edited Hi-Res Images
Custom Gallery
Rights to Print



- 8x10 Album $450
- 11x14 Album $500
- Prints
- Wall Art

print store in gallery



How do we book a session?

If you're ready to schedule, we'll figure out dates via email and I'll send an agreement your way! I ask for 25% up front as a booking fee, and the rest is due at the time of our session.

What info do you need to know from us?

I'd love to know what type of scenery you're hoping for! For example, downtown, field, lake, home session, etc. Studio sessions are pretty popular right now and safe in bad weather, that's totally an option! I'd just add the rental fee to your total -- pro tip, if we can book a couple sessions on the same day, you guys can split the rental fee, so getting friends to book as well is a plus!

When will we get our full gallery?

This one really depends on wedding season for me -- typically, winter - spring, you'll get your full gallery in 2-4 weeks. If it's summer - fall, you can expect closer to 6 weeks. But if you're wanting to send out announcements or something, I'm happy to send a few previews!

What should we wear??

It's hard enough picking ONE outfit, let alone outfits for the whole fam! My best advice is to think in a color palette. Neutrals and solid colors are always safe! Another thought is to focus on comfort, especially for the kiddos -- my boys HATE wearing anything other than athletic clothes, so a button up shirt is just not in the cards. I've had them wear their outfits beforehand at home to get used to them, and if they're really uncomfortable, I'll swap something out -- softer shirt, stretchy jeans, tennis shoes, etc. This should be as stress free as possible, so whatever works is perfect!

How should we prepare?

I think the first step is to throw perfection out the window. :) I have three kids, I know how we can plan, prepare, make sure they're fed, get good sleep, etc. and they still have off days. That's okay! I'm not phased by anything your little ones may throw my way, and my hope for you is that you can laugh it off and enjoy. I'm fast, we'll get plenty of photos. And usually the best ones are them just being themselves, and you loving on them. Our experiences are tied to how we relive the photos later, so think of this as a fun, family outing and not a photoshoot that has to go a certain way. If you can hold that perspective, it will be a sweet time, I promise!

What about bad weather?

If the weather's not ideal, I'm happy to reschedule. We'll just be in touch leading up to your shoot -- sometimes, it can be a game time decision the day of, but I'm really flexible and happy to adjust.


Canon R5
Canon R6 (backup camera)
RF Lens 28-70 2.0

Can we order prints?

Absolutely! Your gallery has a tab called Print Store with a bunch of different options, including Christmas cards, wall art, and albums you can make yourself.